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Spring Layers | The Belted Scarf

We are in the midst of shoulder season, spring is in the horizon and but winter is still trying to told on. Every morning I wake up I have no idea what the temperature is going to be, it’s fluctuating all over the place and this is the perfect time of year to play with layers because the day to (even hour to hour) weather is so inconsistent. One of my go to way to layer is belting a scarf, it’s to functional and versatile. This look add depth to basics and refresh your wardrobe.

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Quality over Quantity | Investment Clothing

Quality over quantity is my mantra when it comes to my wardrobe and my style. . That’s not to say something has to be name brand or expensive to last or be good quality; but there is something to be said for purchasing quality over quantity. Which leads me to the idea of investment pieces, I choose to purchase quality clothing and accessories as well as bags and shoes, but I do so strategically.

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